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Flywheel Assembly Condensor (6-Pole) Ducati, Dansi & Filso Stator Plate Base (6-Pole) Original Ducati Condensor Screw Condensor Washer Stator Locating Wavy Washer Stator Locating Bolt Contact Point Screw GP Ducati Flywheel (6-Pole) Italian Contact Points (6-Pole) Ducati Felt Pad Washer Felt Pad Screw Contact Points Washer Felt Pad (6-Pole) Ducati Flywheel Washer SX/GP 6-Pole/Series 1, 2 & Early 3 (4-Pole) Flywheel Nut SX/GP (6-Pole) & GP Electronic Flywheel Dust Cover Dust Cover Circlip Coil Locating Bolt Set HT Coil (Italian) Stator Cable Clip

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