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Badges and Transfers Rear Mudflap Bush Rear Mudflap (Black) GP Rear Frame Badge (Innocenti) Casa Lambretta C 188  Retainer for GP Rear Frame Badge GP Rear Frame Grill (Black Plastic) Bracket for Rear Frame Grill/Badge Holder Rear Frame Badge (LI150 Lambretta) Rear Frame Badge Holder (Series 3) Seat Bracket Washer (White Plastic) Seat Retaining Stainless Steel Bolt, Nut & Washer GP Panel Stripes (Black) a Pair GP Panel Louvre Elastic Nut & Gasket Set GP Panel Louvres (SIL) a Pair TV/SX/LI150S Sidepanel Flash Set (Set of 4) Series 3 Lambretta Side Panel Badge (Casa Lambretta C 165) Air Filter Transfer (Series 2) TV175 Legshield Running-in Transfer GP Ink Spot SX200 Side Panel Flashes (Pair) Casa Lambretta C 180 TV/SX/LI150S Sidepanel Flash Front R/H (Innocenti) Bracket for Rear Frame Grill/Badge Holder GP Chequered Flag SX Legshield Lambretta Badge (Casa Lambretta C 178) SX Special Badge (Casa Lambretta C 174) Silver Legshield Badge (Casa Lambretta C 172) Golden Legshield Badge (Casa Lambretta C 173) GP150 Legshield Badge (Early SIL) Perspex GP200 Legshield Badge (Early SIL) Perspex GP Legshield Lambretta Badge (Italian) Casa Lambretta C 149 150DL Legshield Badge (Innocenti) 125DL Legshield Badge (Italian) Casa Lambretta C 185 200DL Legshield Badge (Italian) Casa Lambretta C 186 Series 2 & 3 Italian Horncasting Badge (Casa Lambretta C 162) SX150 Front Mudguard Flash (Casa Lambretta C 181) X150 Legshield Badge (Casa Lambretta C 176) X200 Legshield Badge (Casa Lambretta C 177) LI/TV Legshield Lambretta Badge (Casa Lambretta C 165) LI125 Legshield Badge (Casa Lambretta C 158) LI150 Legshield Badge (Casa Lambretta C 159) TV175 Legshield Badge (Series 1 & Early Series 2) Casa Lambretta C 160/B  125 Special Badge (Casa Lambretta C 175) Rear Mudflap (Black) Italian (Casa Lambretta C 113) Dual Seat Cover Strap (Dark Green) Casa Lambretta C 358/B GP Horncasting Badge (SIL)

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