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Dellorto Fuel Filter Cover Screw (SH1 & SH2) Dellorto Fuel Filter Cover Screw Fibre Washer (SH1 & SH2) Dellorto Fuel Filter Cover (SH1 & SH2) Dellorto Fuel Filter Cover Gasket (SH1 & SH2) Dellorto Fuel Filter (SH1 & SH2) Dellorto Clamp Screw SH1/18/20 (Original Type) Dellorto Carburettor Clamp with Screw SH2/22 (New Type) Dellorto Throttle Lever Screw, Nut & Washer (SH1 & SH2) Dellorto Tick Over Screw (SH1 & SH2) Dellorto Throttle Lever SH1/18/20 Dellorto Tick Over Screw Spring (SH1 & SH2) Dellorto Slide Rod Gasket (SH1 & SH2) Dellorto Carburettor Top SH1/18/20 Dellorto Slide Spring (SH1 & SH2) Dellorto GP150 Carburettor Slide 7895/2 Dellorto Float Pin (SH1 & SH2) Dellorto Float Needle (SH1 & SH2) Black Tip Dellorto SH2/22 Carb Reduction Sleeve Dellorto Choke Jet 50 (SH1 & SH2) Dellorto Slide Rod SH1/18/20 Dellorto Cable Adjuster Screw Grommet (SH1 & SH2) Dellorto Carburettor Top Screw (SH1 & SH2) Dellorto Throttle Cable Adjuster & Nut (SH1 & SH2) Dellorto Float Bowl Screw (SH1 & SH2) Series 3 SH1/18 Dellorto Carburettor Body Dellorto Float Bowl (SH1-SH2) Dellorto Float Bowl Gasket (SH1 & SH2) Dellorto Float (SH1 & SH2) Dellorto Main Jet 98 (SH1 & SH2) Dellorto Pilot Jet 42 (SH1 & SH2) Dellorto Atomizer 5899-4 (SH1 & SH2) Dellorto Air Mixture Screw Spring (SH1/18/20) Dellorto Air Mixture Screw SH1/18/20 Dellorto Choke Block, Adjuster, Spring & Valve Set (SH1 & SH2) Dellorto Choke Block Spring (SH1 & SH2) Dellorto Choke Plunger (SH1 & SH2)

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