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Fuel/Airfilter/Exhaust Petrol Tank Strap Petrol Tank (SIL) Petrol Tank Screw with Trunnions Petrol Tank Cap & Gasket Petrol Tank Cap Gasket Anti Splash Cover Anti Splash Cover Gasket Airscoop Cover Screw & Washer (Fig 51 & 52) Air Intake Cover GP150/GP200 GP Petrol Tank Rubbers (Set of 8) Petrol Tap - Zinc Tap Joint Split Pin Petrol Tap Joint Petrol Pipe Per Foot Air Filter Box Lower Screw, Nut & Washer Air Scoop Gasket Series 3 & GP (Black) Air Filter Box Gasket Air filter Box Series 3 & GP (SIL) Air Box Spring Inlet Manifold Nut Inlet Manifold Washer GP150/GP175 Inlet Manifold 125cc/150cc Inlet Manifold Gasket Choke Cable Complete (Grey) Choke Assembly Cap (Black) Choke Assembly Spring (Innocenti) Choke Assembly Nut (Innocenti) SX/GP Choke Assembly Body (Black) Innocenti GP Choke Lever Complete Assembly & Cap (Black Plastic) GP Petrol Tap Lever (Italian) Air Inlet Manifold GP Air Inlet Gasket Series 3 Air Filter (ltalian) Filter Plate Series 3 Air Hose Clamp (Small) Choke Elbow Air Filter Bolt, Fibre Washer & Nut Air Inlet Hose Clamp (Large) GP150/200 Air Inlet Hose GP/TV/SX/LI Series 3 Exhaust & U-Bend (SIL) Standard Exhaust Gasket Exhaust Spring Washer Exhaust Nut (Brass) Exhaust Clamp Standard (Italian design) Standard Series 3 Exhaust U-Bend (SIL) Air Hose Valve Air Hose Cup Air Hose Spring Clip Air Hose Cup Pipe (one foot required) Exhaust 8mm Bolt/Spring Washer & Washer

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