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Replacement Frame Parts Damaged GP200 Frame with GP200 Frame Number (OUT OF STOCK) Petrol Flap Hinge GP (Weld On) Rear Frame Strut R/H (Weld On) Battery Tray (Weld On) Air Filter Box Bracket (Weld On) Front Frame Legshield Struts L/H (Weld On) Front Frame Legshield Struts R/H (Weld On) Brake Pedal Pivot Pin (Weld On) Rear Brake Pedal Bracket & Pin (Weld On) Stand Cross Member (GP & Series 3) Weld On Rear Frame Strut L/H (Weld On) Frame Shock Absorber Pin (Weld On) Bracket for Lower Petrol Tank Support (Weld On) Stand Bracket (Weld on) GP Frame/Legshield Bracket (Weld On)

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