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Wheels/Brakes/Tyres/Tubes Michelin Inner Tube 3.50 x 10 (B4) Michelin S83 3.50 x 10 Tyre Axle Inner Washer/Axle Distance Piece Wheel Rim 13mm Nyloc Nut with White Nyloc Wheel Rim (2 halves) Front Axle Oil Seal Lock Washer Allen Screw Front Hub Circlip Front Axle Distance Piece (Between Bearings) Front Hub Drum with Studs fitted GP Brake Shoes Locating Spring Speedometer Drive Set (Nylon) Speedometer Oil Seal Front Axle Bush Rear Hub Lock Washer, Allen Screw & Washer Rear Hub Nut Rear Hub Spring Washer Rim/Hub Wavy Washer (S/S) Wheel Rim Stud (Out of Stock) Hub Stud Rim/Hub 13mm Domed Nut Nylon Speedometer Drive Bush  Front Axle Distance Piece Front Axle Oil Seal Front Axle Bearing (FAG 6201) Front Axle Bearing (FAG 6201) Brake Cam Oil Seal (Late Italian & Indian GP) Front Brake Cam Internal Washer GP Front Brake Cam (Innocenti) Rear Hub Spacing Washer GP Front Hub Back Plate Front Brake Cam External Washer Front Brake Arm (Innocenti) Front Axle Nut Front Axle Washer Front Brake Arm Circlip Front Axle Inner Nut Front Axle Inner Washer Front Axle for Drum Brake Rear Brake Circlip Rear Brake Arm (Innocenti) Oil Seal Ring GP Rear Brake Cam Brake Shoe Spring Rear Brake Cam Washer Rear Hub Cone Late LI Series 3 & GP (Italian)  LI/SX Brake Shoes-Indian (a pair) Makino (Improved Compound) Rear Hub & Cone (SIL) GP Brake Shoes-Italian (a pair) GP Brake Shoes Locating Spring Front Axle Inner Nut Front Axle Washer Front Axle Nut Wheel Rim Wavy Washer (S/S)

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