Lambretta Scooter Restorations

Saw you at show in coventry - you were a bit busy

Anyway just a quick thanks as i put the S2 Li150 in the show as its all finished now, all completely stripped & rebuilt by myself- loads of bits from you guys - and it won best non standard scooter - wow did not expect that at all! - it was nice just to show it off. It was rode there and back of course (my mates cant believe i ride the scoots in the rain,snow,sun whatever)

Loads of bits from you - headlights, engine bits, all fixing kits, runners, badges etc etc i could go on and on blah blah

Paint was by your recomendation by rob/glynn at thornix so pass my thanks to them dudes!

I'm well pleased so cheers guys.

ps- loads of my mates are getting back into scooters which is great for my local town and ive forgot how many times ive recomended you to them.

Between you guys and JC Scooters (who do some repair jobs/performance stuff on my other scoots) - Ive found you the best in the UK for helpfulness, stock and value for money.

Lambretta S2 LI150
Lambretta S2 LI150