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Clutch/Chain Clutch Lever GP Clutch Arm Shaft Clutch Circlip Clutch Arm Circlip Clutch Driven Disc GP (Outer) Clutch Shaft Washer Clutch Shaft Circlip LI Push Rod Clutch Arm Spring Clutch Shaft Oil Seal Clutch Shaft Circlip Clutch Arm Circlip Clutch Arm (Innocenti) Clutch Driven Disc LI/SX (Outer) LI/SX Clutch Shaft Washer GP Clutch Thrust Bush Clutch Circlip Clutch Shaft Lock Ring GP Clutch Shaft Washer Clutch Lever Clutch Plate Tab Washer Clutch Inner Bell (SIL) LI/SX/GP Clutch Sprocket 46 tooth Clutch Driven Disc Clutch Plates Set of 4 (ltalian) Surflex GP Clutch Flange Clutch Springs (Set of 5) 175cc & 200cc models Sliding Dog Clutch Shim 0.8mm Drive Assembly Spring Bolt, Chain Guides Clutch Centre Nut Clutch Bush Crankshaft Drive Sleeve Drive Assembly Washer Upper Chain Guide Chain Guides Lock Plate Lower Chain Guide Chain 80 Pitch LI/SX Drive Sprocket 15 tooth Drive Assembly Bolt, Washer & Spring Washer

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