150cc Crankcase without Silent Block Bushes (Thicker cylinder flange) Slightly Damaged (21-115*)

150cc Crankcase without Silent Block Bushes (Thicker cylinder flange) Slightly Damaged

Slightly damaged 150cc crankcase (SIL) comes with a GP endplate & has a thicker cylinder flange, which is ideal for tuning or for converting to 200cc. All new SIL crankcases come without engine number or SIL logo.

What we class as slightly damaged varies, some crankcases have a chipped fin along the bottom of the crankcase, some may have minor damage around the rear brake area, others may have a cut mark around the rear brake cam hole. Any damage is minor and will not cause any problems when in use.

If you have ever wondered why the crankcase is sold with an endplate, it's because in the final machining operation on the crankcase, the crankcase rear hub bearing and endplate surfaces are bored and finished at the same time, and therefore are a matching pair.

Before machining, the endplate is fastened to the crankcase. The surface for the gear cluster bearing bush on the crankcase, the layshaft bearing bush and the endplate bearing (6004) on the endplate are bored and finished at the same time as the rear hub bearing surface is machined.

All engine casings are supplied with the following;
2 x 8mm silencer studs
6 x 7mm gear flange studs (already fitted)
1 x 6mm tail pipe stud
3 x magneto flange studs
4 x rear hub bearing flange studs
1 x GP endplate
1 x gear cluster bearing bush and washer (already fitted)

Also available - 200cc Crankcase.

Special Offer ends 04.01.22

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