200cc Piston Assembly 66.0mm (Mahle -) (2-18k-1*)

200cc Piston Assembly 66.0mm (Mahle -)

Standard 200cc (66.0mm) piston (Grade -) Comes with cast iron piston rings (2 chrome and 1 plain, 3 ring set) 2 x circlips and Gudgeon Pin. Made in India by Mahle, original suppliers to Scooters India. Available in 4 different grades (-, 0, + & ++)

Before ordering a new piston, examine your cylinder to see which grade of piston you require. You can find the marking stamped on the inlet port gasket face, on all SIL GP150 and GP200 cylinders.

Before assembling the new piston rings on to the piston insert the piston rings into the cylinder bore squarely and check the end gap of the rings, which should be between 0.2mm to 0.35mm. The top two rings are chrome plated, the bottom ring is plain.

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