Flywheel Magneto Balancing Machine with Monitor (New) (16-60*)

Flywheel Magneto Balancing Machine with Monitor (New)

Flywheel magneto balancing machine originally purchased to balance the flywheel after machining the fins and lightening the flywheel. Originally purchased from India in 2002, it arrived with a 3-phrase motor for which we didn’t have 3 phrase on our premises. This the same model as used by Scooters India Ltd (SIL)

Marks on the front of the balancing machine is just dust as I forgot to clean the machine before taking photos.

This machine is extremely heavy, weighing in at 850Kgs. If interested the balancing machine would have to be collected from our old premises with loading being the problem as we have no fork lift. I have looked at several options but due to weight only a forklift or lorry with a one ton tail lift would be able to do the job.

Weight Range 0.5-10 Kgs
Maximum Diameter of Job - 400mm
Balancing Speed -1000 Rpm
Sensitivity for Maxi Rotor Weight – Microns/Gms/Kg – 5gms
Electrical Supply – 440 V 50Hz/3 Phrase
Power of Motor HP – 0.75
Motor Rated Speed – 1410 Rpm
Motor Rated Current – 1.45 Amp
Dimension of Machine L x W x H – 1.12 x 0.88 x 1.63
Gross Weight – 850Kgs
Machine Colour – Hammer Tone

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