GP Front Mudguard (SIL) (13-98*)

GP Front Mudguard (SIL)

Scooters India GP150 & GP200 front mudguard suitable for Italian GP models.

We have in stock the last GP front mudguards available from Scooters India, so if you want a front mudguard then you had better buy now!

The general condition of the GP front mudguards available in stock is good but will need some minor attention before spraying. This is due to the large volume of GP front mudguards manufactured by Scooters India (over 360,000) over the last 40 years using the original Innocenti tooling.

The primer used on the GP front mudguard is only a protective layer of primer. It would be advisable to remove the primer in case the primer reacts with the paint used.

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Scooters India Ltd (SIL)
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