GP Upper & Lower Handlebar (Late SIL) (21-55*)

GP Upper & Lower Handlebar (Late SIL)

GP upper & lower handlebar for Scooters India GP150 & GP200 built after 1980 (Late SIL) This item will need some minor work to improve fitment, hence the lower price.

The SIL GP handlebar upper & lower looks similar to an original Italian handlebar upper & lower but they are different where the gear/clutch support & throttle supports are fitted on either side of the handlebar lower. The design of the handlebars was changed in the early 1980's to increase the strength of the handlebars for Indian road conditions.

There's is a difference of around 4mm in diameter (SIL handlebar lowers are 43mm in diameter) between the two handlebar lowers so you wouldn't be able to fit your original Italian supports on to the Indian SIL handlebar lower. All other items such as the headlight rim and speedometer will fit.

Special Offer ends 04.01.22

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