GP150/GP200 Cylinder & Flywheel Cowling (Slightly Damaged) Longer Fins (SIL) (21-114*)

GP150/GP200 Cylinder & Flywheel Cowling (Slightly Damaged) Longer Fins (SIL)

Slightly damaged cylinder & flywheel cowling for use with longer fins. Different to standard Series 2, 3 or GP cowlings as the cylinder cowling is wider to allow for a wider flywheel cowling. Can be used on all Series 2, 3, Serveta & GP models, except Series 1, as fitted on new SIL GP200 engines.

Cowlings come with the usual dents and will need attention hence the low price. We will always try to pick the cowlings with the least amount of damage, with either one of more of the areas shown. Images shown are the worst case examples.

The area marked as DENT is where when fitted to SIL three wheelers they drill an extra hole for fixing to the cylinder head.

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