GP200 Crankshaft (SIL) Slightly Damaged (21-101*)

GP200 Crankshaft (SIL) Slightly Damaged

Slightly damaged Scooters India GP200 crankshaft. We have in stock over 100 damaged GP200 crankshafts, all have been supplied to us from Scooters India in damp polystrene packaging and therefore have damaged caused by rust to either the flywheel taper, oilseal surfaces or crankshaft webs (or all three) There is no damage to the conrod, big end bearing or small end bearing surface. Each crankshaft will need to be cleaned and treated for rust and therefore no warranty can be offered.

Before being dispatched, each crankshaft is thoroughly examined for alignment, balance, drive side sleeve splines and flywheel nut thread.

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