J-Range Crankcase (SIL Sunny FR) 20050001 (17-1-19*)

J-Range Crankcase (SIL Sunny FR) 20050001

For all Scooters India Sunny FR models only (1 required) Part No. 20050001. One of the advantages of using a Sunny FR engine casing is it uses an adjustable chain guide, which is fitted as standard & can be adjusted from the top of the crankcase. (17-3-20a)

Only suitable as a replacement if you buy the SIL Sunny FR crankshaft, piston & drive side bearing along with the crankcase. The crankshaft has a different drive side bearing shoulder & depth compared to other J-Range models.

Dimensions are as follows;
Outer Diameter 20mm (same as Starstream 125) x Depth 14mm (same as J-50/Cento/J-125)

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Lambretta J-Range - Crankcase/Gasket Sets
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