LI Series 1 & Early Series 2 Crankshaft (Casa Lambretta M 48) (2-1m*)

LI Series 1 & Early Series 2 Crankshaft (Casa Lambretta M 48)

Crankshaft for LI125 & LI150 Series 1 & early Series 2 models only. (1 required)

Original Part No. 19012010.

Please remember to ensure that this is the correct crankshaft for your scooter as over the years most Series 1 have had the top end i.e. crankshaft, cylinder, piston, magneto flange, magneto side bearing and magneto oilseal changed to a later Series 2 or 3 top end. This crankshaft will require a N205 bearing and not the NU205 bearing as fitted to later Series 1 & 2 models.

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Lambretta Crankshaft/Piston
Casa Lambretta
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