LI Series 1 & Early Series 2 Crankshaft (Innocenti) Used (37-2-1m*)


Crankshaft for LI125 & LI150 Series 1 & early Series 2 models only. (1 required)

Original Part No. 19012010. Second-hand/used and in good condition, flywheel thread and drive splines have been checked. (1 required)

Please remember to ensure that this is the correct crankshaft for your scooter as over the years most Series 1 have had the top end i.e. crankshaft, cylinder, piston, magneto flange, magneto side bearing and magneto oilseal changed to a later Series 2 or 3 top end. This crankshaft will require a N205 bearing and not the NU205 bearing as fitted to later Series 1 & 2 models.

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Lambretta Crankshaft/Piston
Second-Hand (Used) Lambretta Parts
Lambretta Crankshaft/Piston (Used)
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