LI Series 3 Rubber Set (Grey) (21-83*)

LI Series 3 Rubber Set (Grey)

Complete rubber beading set in grey for LI Series 3 models.

Please be aware grey beading may vary in shade.

This item is on Special Offer, discount is not applicable

Set includes

Legshield Beading (a Pair)
Sidepanel Beading (a Pair)
LI Series 3 Mudguard Gaskets (a Pair) Italian
Brake Pedal Rubber
Horncasting Beading (a Pair)
Mudguard/Horncasting Gasket
Airscoop Gasket
Bridge Piece Gaskets (a Pair)
Rear Frame Plugs (set of 4)
Handlebar Grips (a Pair)

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Lambretta Body Parts
Sec 21 - SR Lambretta Special Offers
Grey Rubber Beading & Gaskets
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