ScooterNova Magazine (Issue 20 - July/August 2020) (20-62-20*)

ScooterNova Magazine (Issue 20 - July/August 2020)

ScooterNova Magazine, Issue 20 - July/August 2020.

We have some fantastic articles from some amazing contributors including Vittorio Tessera (Casa Lambretta), Mark 'Brad' Brough (Time, Trouble & Money), Paul Hart (VVC Journal editor) and Dean Orton (Rimini Lambretta Centre), to name but a few!
* Vespa GS 160 commuter scooter
* A look at the J-range - overview of the Lambretta smallframe
* Exclusive - Innocenti experimental 200cc Lambretta engine
*1980s AF-S-type ‘Brassy Bitch' (and with some nice history too)
*Traveling the world by Vespa during a pandemic
*Nike 2 - 80s Lambretta Street racer reborn for the 21st century
*1950s accessorised LD used as daily transport
* The Not So Swinging 70s scooter scene
*The literal A-Z of riding across Europe
*Rustorations - Dean Orton’s guide Part 1
*Garagista-built LML 4t powered-chop
... plus more besides that we've managed to put together at a safe social distance despite current circumstances!

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